About Conductive Music CIC

About Conductive Music
Founded in 2012, Conductive Music works with 18 MEHs across the country and is set to reach 9,000 students and 500 teachers in 150 schools annually in England only in 2021. Each year, we undertake 3 months of R&D to remain at the leading edge of technology innovation for music education: we research new educational software and hardware, upgrade all our projects and test them through international tours before delivering them across England.
We have many partners across Europe and in Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan, from community centres to universities and international schools. Even during lockdown, we were invited to deliver virtual keynotes and workshops in Bangkok, across Japan, Hong Kong and Genova. We regularly publish papers and peer-reviewed articles to contribute to knowledge sharing.
We also organised online performances with artists from Wales, Hong Kong and Malaysia for students in English rural regions, to introduce them to new cultures and instruments.

Our Mission
From our home base in South East London, we operate across the country from Cornwall to Gateshead. We focus on schools with low music provision and help MEHs initiate or strengthen links with them. Digital delivery is now enabling us to reach even more underserved students.
We focus on children from challenging backgrounds (SEN, EAL, PP, FSM, PRU) and a growing network of Special Schools. Our offer of Live Lessons, Online Lessons and CPD allows for teachers to use our material, train themselves and become ambassadors of our STEAM approach. We partner with MEHs and Local Authorities to target schools in cold spots, then collaborate with Heads and teachers to engage with children who need it most.
Our STEAM approach develops key employability skills for the Creative and Cultural Industries. By mixing Music and Sciences we grasp the interest of most children, raising awareness of creative career paths. We collaborate with Universities to engage PhD students through research residencies to develop both our provision and their practical experience. Our learning materials are freely available through social media. We share findings of our projects publicly, including through lectures for Undergraduates in Departments of Education/Psychology.
International schools, such as the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, commission us to produce new projects, which we can then deliver at very low cost to charities such as Amigos de Gillian Banks (Tenerife) who operate in youth centres. British Council France also regularly books us to teach English-language-based cross-disciplinary science courses in French schools.

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