SFJAZZ is one of the world’s most popular and important presenters of jazz. The SFJAZZ Center is a
beautiful and perfect stage for jazz artists and the community to celebrate the living American art
form of jazz. The $64 million Center launched in 2013 and the 36-year-old non-profit organization
now crafts distinguished programming and education services from the heart of the San Francisco
arts district. The budget for the 2019-20 Season is over $19 million with more than half
coming from ticket revenues.

SFJAZZ Mission Founded in 1983, SFJAZZ is a recognized international leader in jazz creation, presentation, and education. SFJAZZ explores the full spectrum of jazz, from the music's origins in the Caribbean Basin and African American community to its diverse present-day expressions around the world. As a nonprofit organization, SFJAZZ works to develop the audience for jazz in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. SFJAZZ celebrates jazz as a living art form, built on a constantly evolving tradition.