Managing Director

Crockett Theater

Historic Theater offering live events from theater to concerts.

Lawrenceburg, TN

Work Location: In-office

Performing Arts Center

  • Full Time
  • Lawrenceburg, TN (Remote)
  • Fri, Aug 2, 2024
  • Work Location: In-office
  • Performing Arts Center
  • $50,000.00
  • $65,000.00

Website Crockett Theater

Historic Theater offering live events from theater to concerts.

The Crockett Theater Managing Director is a leadership role focused on developing a highly impactful set
of programs that:
Furthers the mission and vision of the Crockett Theater
Enhances the quality of life for area residents and tourists
Attracts a diverse audience to downtown Lawrenceburg
Maintains dedication to financial and economic stability
The Managing Director should be able to work with independence and collaborate with the City shared
services team while following governance policies and focusing on exceptional customer and client
The Crockett Theater Director reports to the City Administrator. Additional project leadership and
guidance may include the Mayor, City Administrator, or other parties as assigned included by the City

Essential Functions
Identifies and recommends reasonable short- and long-term goals, milestones, and benchmarks
key for the Theater operation including needed updates and improvements.
Develops business plan and policies that support the programmatic and financial goals of the
Delivers regular communications and reporting to the Mayor & City Council and key community
stakeholders on Theater needs, challenges, and opportunities.

Establishes user priorities for community and resident groups.
Oversees and manages the Theater’s master calendar which includes rental client rehearsals and
shows, future presented programming curated by the Theater, internal City of Lawrenceburg
events, community events, and more.
Negotiates, books, and contracts acts, performances, traveling shows, etc., that are appropriate for
the Crockett Theater and community with a focus on diversified programming and community
Demonstrate consistent, comprehensive understanding of contract management through all
phases, including but not limited to negotiation, creation, execution, and enforcement of all
agreement facets in support of the goals and objectives of the Crockett Theater.
Coordinates with other community events, including the grandstand at Rotary Park and Main
Street events to expand the Theater’s involvement with the community.

Marketing & Communications
In partnership with other marketing stakeholders, develops plans and guidelines for brand
management of all logos, listings, and promotional materials.
Meets regularly with marketing team to develop and implement a quality marketing plan
advertising the activities at the Crockett Theater.
Ensures Crockett Theater programs are adequately marketed, advertised, and communicated to
maximize community engagement and ticket sales.

Fundraising & Community Relations
Seek funding for Crockett Theater programming and projects, where applicable, through
relationship building with local philanthropists, corporations, and grant agencies.
Assists in developing any needed oversight, including establishing Advisory Committee and/or
additional committee(s) associated with the operation of the Crockett Theater.
Serves as staff liaison to the Advisory Committee.

Venue Operations
Oversees all aspects of the Crockett Theater including booking events, selling tickets, advertising,
managing finances, paid & volunteer staff, maintenance/repairs, and all other activities related to
the Theater and its ancillary spaces.
Oversees the operation of the food & beverage services, once established, assuring compliance
with applicable laws with a focus on financial viability and enhancing customer experience.
Responsible for the care and maintenance of the Crockett Theater and ancillary spaces,
coordinating with the City Parks & Recreation team to schedule cleaning, maintenance, and the
provision of supplies needed for the daily operation.
Oversee safety programs and compliance for the Crockett Theater, ensuring communication and
adherence by patrons and employees.

Staff & Volunteer Management
Oversees the management of all Theater staff, inclusive but not limited to, frontline staff, event
staff, technical staff, and volunteers, involved in the operation of the Theater.
Develops a volunteer recruitment plan to attract volunteers to help effectively operate the
Crockett Theater and its events.
Develops & implements guidelines, training, policies & procedures for staff, Theater users, and
customers impacting the operation of the Crockett Theater building.
Ensures all programs and events are adequately resourced through staff and volunteers.

Fiscal Management
Develops, manages, and reports on the annual budget for the Theater and its programs in
collaboration with City shared services and the City Administrator
Prepares, presents, and explains reports to senior leadership on Theater programs related to
audience development and fiscal expectations.

Special Projects
Supports capital projects for the Crockett Theater by serving as the subject matter expert on all
Theater programming, operations, and facility needs.

Attends meetings with City, Advisory Committee, and other groups as directed by City
Manages external professional service providers, consultants, and contractors before, during, and
after renovation/improvement projects.
Performs other duties as assigned.

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