APPLICATION PROCESS: Please submit a letter of interest and resume by e-mail to ops@lascolinassymphony.org, Attn: Search Committee. Applicants should address how their knowledge, skills, and abilities would allow them to fulfill the role, duties, and responsibilities of the Executive Director as set forth in this position description.

Application materials will be accepted until June 30, 2018.

COMPENSATION: Salary and benefits are negotiable based upon the candidate’s experience.

BASIC FUNCTION: The Executive Director is selected by and reports to the LCSO’s Board of Directors through the Board President. The position of Executive Director is distinct from the Music Director, who is responsible for all artistic matters and also reports to the Board of Directors through the Board President. The Executive Director is responsible for managing the human and financial resources of the organization in order to achieve the LCSO’s mission as articulated by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors contemplates that the Executive Director will function as both a chief executive officer and a chief operating officer. To that end, the Executive Director is responsible and accountable for all operational aspects of the organization (performing the tasks or supervising others who perform the tasks) and for implementing the policies set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director shall carry out any responsibilities delegated by the Board or Directors and shall represent the LCSO in all matters except those that are specifically delegated to the Music Director.

GENERAL FRAMEWORK: In conjunction with the Music Director, the Executive Director is responsible for providing the leadership, vision, and information needed to enable the organization to adopt constructive, progressive, sound, and practical plans for the development of the organization and the enrichment of the musical life of the community.

ROLE: The role of the Executive Director is to do all things possible to see that the organization constantly improves its musical product, that it operates on a stable financial basis, and that it carries out its obligation to serve as a community cultural and educational institution—an obligation placed upon it by federal tax laws as a 501(c)(3) organization, as well as by the fact that the organization solicits and accepts contributions from the public.


Management experience with a non-profit

Proven fundraising and donor development skills

Extensive marketing and subscription ticket sales background

Strong fiscal management and reporting skills

Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with partners

Ability to effectively motivate the Board of Directors, the staff, and volunteers to achieve the LCSO’s mission.


A. Provide administrative leadership for the organization and ensure that the administrative office is effective and efficient.
B. Generate and implement ideas to promote the financial health of the organization.
C. Implement the directives and policies of the organization and fulfill all responsibilities within the budgetary constraints of the organization.
C. Develop and implement fundraising/development activities, involving and supporting the Board in the annual fund drive, corporate/business sponsorships, special events, and the identification and cultivation of donors.
D. Monitor expenditures within budgets approved by the Board; maintain timely and accurate and complete financial records; present monthly financial statements for Board review and approval. Be conversant with QuickBooks and the ticketing/donation system and periodically check that they are functioning correctly.
E. Within budgets, salary schedules, and personnel policies adopted by the organization, hire, supervise,
motivate, and dismiss (when appropriate) staff responsible for development, marketing, education, audience development, bookkeeping/accounting, and other business office/administrative functions.
F. By June 1 of each year, present to the fiscal affairs committee and then the Board a proposed budget for the next fiscal year (August 1—July 31).
G. Develop and implement a marketing plan for subscription campaigns and for individual performances, using appropriate advertising and publicity to achieve maximum season and single ticket sales; oversee ticket sales operations.
H. Ensure that grants are spent in accordance with grant guidelines and that all reporting requirements
are met.
I. Negotiate contracts with venues, vendors, promoters, stage crews, and others for good and services authorized by the Board in the budget or otherwise. Negotiate contracts for guest artists. Secure required equipment, instruments, licenses, and permits.
J. Form a productive, effective, professional, and collaborative working relationship with the Music Director.
K. Provide assistance requested by the Music Director in performing her/his duties, including meeting with the Music Director or staff to exchange information and/or resolve issues of mutual concern.
L. Attend and participate in meetings of the Board and its committees when requested by the President.
Attend concerts and special events.
M. Negotiate the Master Agreement on an as-needed basis with the Orchestra Committee.

Apply to name: Search Committee

Apply to email: ops@lascolinassymphony.org

Application procedure: Submit a letter of interest and resume by email to ops@lascolinassymphony.org; attention: Search Committee. Applicants should address how their knowledge, skills, and abilities would allow them to meet the basic function, role, and duties and responsibilities of the executive director as set forth in this position description.

Application materials will be accepted until June 30, 2018.

To apply for this job email your details to ops@lascolinassymphony.org

About Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra

ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1991, the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra (LCSO) presents a season of eight subscription concerts on an annual budget of $1,300,000. The LCSO is the largest arts group in Irving, Texas. The ensemble’s professional musicians are engaged under a Master Agreement with Local 72-147 of the AFM and chosen by competitive auditions.