Manager of Galleries and Outreach

Northern Kentucky University

The School of the Arts is the creative engine of NKU.

Highland Heights, KY

Work Location: In-office


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The School of the Arts is the creative engine of NKU.

Northern Kentucky University is seeking a Manager of Galleries and Outreach. The Art & Design Program in the School of the Arts (SOTA) at Northern Kentucky University invites applications for a full-time staff position directing galleries and outreach for Art & Design, beginning January 2024. The Manager of Galleries and Outreach provides curatorial leadership, management, and outreach of the gallery spaces and operations at Northern Kentucky University. Current spaces include two main Art Galleries as well as the SOTA Community Outreach Atrium. Operations in these spaces serve as an important outreach to the community, valuable educational opportunities for the campus, and vital instruction for the Art & Design program.

This position is the primary public relations presence of the Art & Design Program at the University and in the community. The Manager of Galleries and Outreach provides an innovative consultative role to the Art & Design Program Head and the School of the Arts Director/Associate Director with a focus on the Art & Design Program growth strategy through student success, career & community engagement, and entrepreneurship & innovation. The role also includes exhibition-related curricula, teaching the BFA Senior Exhibition and Gallery Internship courses, management of the University’s permanent art collection, and installation of artwork across campus.

  • Management of planning, organization, installation, and publicity for gallery exhibitions in NKU Art Galleries and SOTA Community Showcase Atrium. Work with internal and external stakeholders for events and promotion of the arts on campus and in the region.
  • Work with the Art & Design Program Head and Art & Design Faculty in support of Art & Design academic unit/departmental/program goals, and student success. The primary of which is to organize, plan, and install BFA senior exhibitions in the fall and spring semesters and the Annual Juried Student Exhibition. Participation in relevant Art & Design faculty and staff meetings and planning meetings with the Art & Design Program Head/SOTA Director.
  • Manage the NKU Art Collection and student art in the Fine Arts Center and across campus. Explore interdisciplinary opportunities with other academic units across campus. Support SOTA and Art and design planning, wayfinding, and other initiatives as needed.
  • Work with SOTA Publicity & Art Events Manager and Art & Design Program Head to maintain gallery mailing lists, digital archives, and gallery communications.
  • Serve as chair of the Art & Design gallery committee in the selection of suitable exhibitions for the galleries and develop and explore emerging trends in exhibitions, including digital and virtual galleries on social media to expand audiences beyond our region and expose students to these skill sets.
  • In consultation with the SOTA Budget Officer, plan and allocate the budget for the NKU Galleries.
  • Maintain contact and relationships with gallery patrons, art community, area K-12 school art programs, and area museums/galleries. Act as a liaison for SOTA/Art & Design with artists, curators, arts councils, etc.
  • Explore grant and funding opportunities, and compile data related to the galleries as requested.
  • Maintain gallery inventory including equipment, tools, and University art collection. Oversee maintenance of gallery equipment.
  • Oversee gallery assistants, student gallery assistants, and interns for the NKU Galleries.
  • Contribute and teach capstone BFA Senior Exhibition and Gallery/Museum Studies courses
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders for events and promotion of the arts on campus and across the region
  • Approximately 8 exhibitions a year in the NKU Art Galleries and 4 exhibitions in the SOTA Community Showcase Atrium

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