The Orchestra Librarian orders, catalogs, prepares and distributes music for all Allentown Symphony Association’s activities, including all rehearsals and concerts. This includes orchestra concerts, chamber music concerts, chorus, audition materials, and any activities involving musical performance.

This position is a part-time contract position which reports directly to the Orchestra Operations/Personnel Manager and supervises the Assistant Librarian position.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Matt Angelo, Orchestra Operations & Personnel Manager, via e-mail at mangelo@allentownsymphony.org

Please do not send any hard-copy materials to ASA offices.


– High school diploma required
– Previous music library experience
– Computer skills and experience with spread sheet, word processing, and data base programs (Preferably experience with OPAS)/
– Experience with computer music notation software and hand manuscript notation
– Ability to lift boxes of music and paper weighing up to 50 lbs
– Ability to write or erase pencil markings for extended periods of time
– Ability to work nights and weekends

Overall Skill Set
– Ability to handle direction and requests from many people and multiple tasks concurrently
– Respond in a cordial and professional manner to musician inquiries and needs
– Ability to work independently as well as be a team player
– Exceptional project planning and organizational skills with attention to detail
– Ability to meet all deadlines
– Even temperament and ability to handle rush periods
– Ability to work well under pressure
– Possess strong self-motivation


Maintain the Music Library
– Catalog and inventory all music purchased in OPAS and regularly export and update an excel spread sheet in order to maintain a current database of all music in the ASO library.
– Annually Provide a copy of the catalogue to the Music Director and keep a printed copy available in the music library.
– Number and mark with the Allentown Symphony Association stamp all purchased music.
– Maintain the music library in a neat and professional manner, keeping all of the Allentown Symphony Association’s purchased music in complete sets by instrumentation so that it is ready to be performed
– Administrate the loan of music library material when applicable
– Oversee music library supplies and re-ordering of supplies

Concert Music Ordering, Preparation, & Distribution
– Coordinate with the Music Director and other conductors to determine the editions and publications to be used for the season’s repertoire.
– Work with the Operations/Personnel Manager to prepare a complete list of instrumentation requirements for each performance during the season.
– Price and order all music required for rehearsal and performances by the Orchestra and the Chorus. Check for program repeats and negotiating the lowest possible fees for rental
– Obtain permission from the publishers/rental agencies for all planned Orchestra radio and TV broadcasts. Provide these budget numbers in advance to the Operations Manager.
– After inventory or ordering of each piece, check instrumentation against the Allentown Symphony Association’s published instrumentation requirements for each concert and inform the Operations/Personnel Manager immediately of any discrepancies, particularly where related to percussion and keyboard requirements.
– Coordinate with conductors so that rehearsal letters and/or numbers in the orchestral parts match the conductors’ scores
– Oversee the transfer of bowings, articulations, dynamics, divisi markings, and other expressive markings to orchestral string parts as received from the Concertmaster, Principals, Music Director, and other Conductors.
– Check new music against available Errata lists. Proofread parts and score when
– Print out sets of parts for new compositions as needed
– Check string parts for bad page turns and add inserts as needed to solve the problems
– Prepare inserts, transitions, and additions as requested by the Music Director
– Photocopy or scan, print, and assemble parts as needed for opera concerts or special concerts with lots of shorter pieces or excerpts
– Ensure that music folders are prepared for distribution to all orchestra members. Send copies of any necessary music to extra musicians when the Personnel Manager indicates extras have been hired
– Meet all organizationally set deadlines for the mailing and distribution of music for each concert. Note: organizational deadlines set for each concert may be earlier than the union specified deadlines.

Rehearsals, Concerts, and the Return of Music
– Transport music to and from symphony rehearsal and performance venues
– Attend all performances and rehearsals as needed
– At concerts, make sure that the conductor’s score is on the stand at the podium, opened to the first page, before the beginning of each piece (as directed by the conductor)
– Oversee the collection of sheet music following concerts and rehearsals, perform erasing of markings as needed, and return sheet music to rental agencies within the agreed time period, or to the Allentown Symphony Association’s Music Library
– Reorder lost parts and inform personnel manager of all lost music and cost to replace so that the musician can be charged appropriately. This should be done within 10 days of the concert performance.

Budgeting and Reporting Performances
– Work with the Operations Manager and the Music Director to determine the season’s budget for music purchases and rentals
– Prepare program reports for America Society of Composers, Authors, Publishers (ASCAP)
– Examine drafts of concert program pages for the Allentown Symphony Association’s program book as requested by the Marketing department

– Work with the Personnel Manager to create copies of music excerpts used in Allentown Symphony Association auditions. Get permission from rental agents/publishers for use of excerpts when necessary.
– Maintain and update audition books
– Provide marked music excerpt scans to be added to the website or distributed to musicians who are signed up to audition

Symphony Chorus
– Order music as needed for the ASO Chorus
– Work with the Manager of the ASO chorus for distribution and collection of Chorus music
– Work with area chorus directors for distribution and collection of music as needed 

Young Musicians Festival and other Musical Events or Outreach Activities
– Work with the Director of Education to order, Print, Mark, Organize, and Distribute Music as needed for the Young Musicians Festival and any other outreach activities and performances of the ASA that involve music

Perform all other music library duties as directed by the Executive Director, Operations/Personnel Manager, and Music Director

The above is intended to describe the principle responsibilities and outcomes, and the associated requirements, as well as the work environment.  It is not intended as an exhaustive list of all aspects of the job.

To apply for this job email your details to mangelo@allentownsymphony.org