Managing Director *UPDATED*

Rosy Simas Danse

presenting innovative interdisciplinary Native contemporary art

Minneapolis, MN

Work Location: Hybrid: remote & office


  • Part Time
  • Minneapolis, MN (Remote)
  • Wed, Nov 30, 2022
  • Work Location: Hybrid: remote & office
  • Dance
  • $60,000.00
  • $60,000.00

Website rosysimasdanse Rosy Simas Danse

presenting innovative interdisciplinary Native contemporary art

Rosy Simas Danse is seeking a Managing Director in Minneapolis, MN.

Job Title: Managing Director (MD)
Status: .75 FTE/30 hours a week, salaried
Salary: $60,000 annually plus benefits (health, retirement, PTO, plus $5,000 relocation fee)
Reports to: Board of Directors
Supervises: Contractors
Applications Due By: Nov 30, 2022

About Rosy Simas Danse

For Native communities, art is everything. Art, song, and story manifest our activism, dance is our primary assertion of spirit and identity, and the creation of art is an enormously important part of both our economy and our traditions. Our lifeways and our art ways do not separate.

We make the work of Native artists nationally and internationally visible, to shift the global view of how Native people are seen—to demonstrate that Native artists are contemporary, groundbreaking artists bringing critical Indigenous worldviews to all fields of the arts. RSD furthers artistic and professional growth for Native and BIPOC artists, which in turn provides income, education, visibility, artistic autonomy, and hope for individual artists.

Anti-Oppression, Equity, and Inclusion are foundational

We believe that the liberation of all peoples starts with the healing of oppression and trauma caused by the intersectional, historical, and current oppression of Native, Indigenous, Black, and People of Color in this country. We acknowledge that all human beings and all species in relationship with human beings need to be free.

The work of Rosy Simas Danse specifically seeks to simultaneously work against all named and unnamed forms of systemic oppression such as white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, and gender-bias while advancing an inclusive, abundant, holistic ecosystem, working against capitalist notions of scarcity and value. An ecosystem that will support and allow the Native and BIPOC of the dance community in this country to thrive.

We aim to be equitable in all our programming through not only our own commissioning, programming, and paying of artists and community, but by actively advocating and fighting for equality for Native, Indigenous, Black, and People of Color in the broader arts field.


Rosy Simas Dance (RSD) was founded in 2012 in response to a need to support Native performing art that connects artists and audiences. Our artistic work and programming are built through authentic relationships with the Native, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ communities locally and on tour. RSD has focused on creating and presenting dance, developing Indigenous-focused community engagement strategies, and touring throughout Minnesota, the United States, Canada, and France. In 2020, RSD opened the three thirty-one (331) space created in response to the urgent need for creative and healing spaces for and led by Native, Indigenous, Black, and People of Color. This year, 2021, commemorated the first cohort of eight residency artists.

About the Managing Director Role

Position Summary

As the first Managing Director (MD), you will work with the Artistic Director to implement the infrastructure and systems which support day-to-day operations and strategic objectives to execute the vision of Rosy Simas Danse. The Managing Director is responsible for the overall business, administrative, and operational management of the company. This includes leadership of fundraising, budgeting, financial management, HR, information systems, institutional marketing, and board relations.

Core Areas of Duties

Financial Management and Operations, including People Management

Resource Development, including Fundraising

Space Logistics and Support

External Relations and Communications

Board Relations and Support

Compensation and Benefits

The salary is $60K and includes benefits (PTO, health and retirement). A relocation fee of $5,000 and gross up (up to an additional $2,000 to cover some tax) will also be available.

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experience Sought

Interested candidates in the MD director role should have work experience that sits at the intersection of authentic relationships and effective systems. We seek someone who is simultaneously flexible and people-centered strategic, as well as organized and process-oriented. Ideally, the candidate also has knowledge of professional practices that are supportive of the lived experiences and lifeways of Native and BIPOC peoples.

What do we hope you will bring to Rosy Simas Danse?

We acknowledge that a single candidate will not come with all the following experiences. We believe the following attributes are important to the work and this position:

You are excited about creating, healing, and networking with Native and BIPOC artists

You have intrigue for a distinct arts organization with a long history

You want to support art that is created with collective power

You enjoy sharing process and creation together with the community

You enjoy working with a wide variety of people with varying needs

You are willing to try and learn new things

You work to always foster an inclusive and dynamic environment

You like to take a creative approach to organizing people and complex tasks

You are flexible, resourceful, and offer support where it is needed

You believe in building authentic, respectable, and accountable relationships

You can see both the big picture and the small details needed to achieve it

You can balance strategic thinking with a focus on developing the operations and culture of a rapidly growing nonprofit

You are energized by managing multiple, concurrent priorities

You like to build structures and systems that guide internal teams and programming

You have experience with organizing operations effectively and efficiently, ideally in a nonprofit environment

You have written successful grants and maintained supportive partnerships with foundations and other granting organizations

You have experience with various aspects of development and fundraising

You have worked with a Board of Directors

You understand how to meet the essential technological needs of an organization

Job Structure

Schedule: This position will be a .75 FTE/30 hours a week salaried position. Specific hours may accommodate events and programs.

Working Conditions: RSD will provide office space and a Mac computer.

Team: Managing Director will work closely with the Artistic Director and will manage contractors.

How this position begins

You will need to:

Build the team – hire new staff

Engage with new work and local/national artists at the start of a production year

Collaborate with the Artistic Director on the organization’s national tour plans

Complete tasks with essential filings for a nonprofit 501c3

Work with a stable and growing budget, prepare for a fully funded Minneapolis premiere project and its engagement activities in 2022

Process for this position

The Artistic Director and a selection of board and community members will review applications and conduct interviews.

To learn more about us

Visit the RSD website, our Facebook Page, or our Instagram to get to know our community and programming.

Does this position interest you? Email us and tell us your story!

Be sure to include your contact information: name, email, and phone number. Please use the subject line “Managing Director” and include the following attachments:

A document with your story or letter of interest telling us why you want this position. Describe the experience that you bring. We want to hear about you, your journey, and why you think this position and RSD are a good fit for you.

Your resume or a list of your experience

Contact us with your information or any questions at:

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