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Spokane, WA

Work Location: In-office


  • Full Time
  • Spokane, WA
  • Work Location: In-office
  • Symphonic
  • $38,500
  • $42,500

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Spokane Symphony: Music Librarian Equal Opportunity Employer
Page 1 of 3 June 2021
JUNE 2021
Full-time, Exempt Position
REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to the General Manager and
Music Director.
Also, works directly with Conductors, Personnel
Manager, String Principals and Orchestra Members.
BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES: The Music Librarian plans and implements all
functions relating to the purchase, rental,
cataloging, preparation, and distribution of
orchestral parts to Musicians, and coordinates
scores with the Music Director and other conductors
to ensure that all rehearsal and concert services
proceed smoothly with regard to printed or
manuscript music. The Music Librarian shall
supervise the Spokane Symphony Chorale Librarian
and any Music Library volunteers.
• Work with the General Manager to determine the season’s budget for music
purchases and rentals.
• Coordinate with the Music Director and other conductors to determine the editions
and publications to be used for the season’s repertoire.
• Work with the Personnel Manager to prepare a complete list of instrumentation
requirements for each season and individual concert.
• Price and order all music required for rehearsal and performance by the Orchestra,
checking for program repeats and negotiating the lowest possible fees for rental
music. Obtain permission from the publishers/rental agencies for all planned
Orchestra radio broadcasts.
• Catalog and inventory all music purchases and rentals. Number and mark with the
Spokane Symphony Society stamp all purchased music.
• After inventory of each piece, check same against the Society’s published
instrumentation requirements and inform the Personnel Manager immediately of any
discrepancies, particularly where related to percussion and keyboard requirements.
• Maintain the music library in a neat and professional manner, keeping all of the
Society’s purchased music in complete sets by instrumentation so that it is ready to
be performed.
• Coordinate with conductors so that rehearsal letters and/or numbers in the orchestral
parts match the conductors’ scores.
Spokane Symphony: Music Librarian Equal Opportunity Employer
Page 2 of 3 June 2021
• Oversee the transfer bowings to orchestral string parts as received from the
Concertmaster, Principals, the Music Director, and other conductors. Also the
transfer articulations, dynamics, and other expressive markings as time allows.
• Check new music against available Errata lists. Proofread parts and score, when
• Photocopy and assemble parts as needed.
• Ensure that music folders are prepared for distribution to orchestra members. Send
copies of any necessary music to extra musicians when the Personnel Manager
indicates extras have been hired.
• Transport music to and from Symphony rehearsal and performance venues.
• Oversee the collection of sheet music following concerts (and rehearsals), the
erasing of markings as needed, and the return of sheet music to rental agencies or to
the Society Music Library.
• Work with the Personnel Manager to create copies of excerpts used in Spokane
Symphony auditions. Get permission from rental agents/publishers of excerpts when
• Prepare program reports for ASCAP and BMI.
• Examine drafts of concert program pages for the Symphony program book as
requested by the marketing department.
• Provide information about pieces to be performed to the newspapers’ music
reviewers as needed.
• Administrate loans of music library material when applicable.
• At concerts, make sure that the conductor’s score for such piece is on the stand at the
podium, opened to the first page, before the beginning of each piece (as directed by
the conductor).
• Oversee music library supplies and re-ordering.
• Perform other music library services as directed by the General Manager, Music
Director and other conductors.
• Previous orchestra library experience.
• Computer skills and experience with spread sheet, word processing, and data base
• Experience with computer music notation software and/or facility with hand
manuscript notation.
• Ability to handle direction and requests from many people and multiple tasks
• Ability to work independently and also in a leadership role.
• Exceptional project planning and organizational skills and attention to detail.
Spokane Symphony: Music Librarian Equal Opportunity Employer
Page 3 of 3 June 2021
• Even temperament and ability to handle rush periods. Work well under pressure.
• Be a team player.
• Be self-motivated.
• Lifting boxes of music and paper weighing up to 50 lb.
• Ability to write or erase pencil markings for extended periods of time.
• Other duties as assigned.
Salary is commensurate with experience. Fully paid individual health insurance, optional
employee paid dental and vision plans, accrued vacation and sick leave.

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