Associate Producer

The Scioto Society, Inc. (Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama)

Celebrating 50 years of outdoor drama

Chillicothe, OH

Work Location: In-office


  • Full Time
  • Chillicothe, OH
  • Thu, Jun 30, 2022
  • Work Location: In-office
  • Theater
  • $30,000
  • $45,000

Website The Scioto Society, Inc. (Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama)

Celebrating 50 years of outdoor drama

Associate Producer

A. Basic Functions

The Associate Producer serves as a year-round member of the Administrative Staff and reports directly to the Producer/CEO. Generally, the off-season schedule follows the standard Tuesday to Friday, 9-5, and shifts to a summer/run schedule, generally 5PM-111 on Monday through Saturday.. The Associate Producer focuses on three central areas of the organization: 1) managing Theater Operations, 2) serving as the Point of Contact (POC) between administration and production staff members, and 3) assisting the Producer/CEO in managing facilities. This position is also responsible for other/miscellaneous job duties as assigned by the Producer/CEO.

The management of Theater Operations includes duties typically covered under the job title of “Theatre Manager,” such as supervising and assisting all departments, managing usher personnel, coordinating the hospitality program for group reservations, purchase ordering for house and facilities, communicating policy and procedure to staff and patrons, and dealing with customer service issues.

Administrative POC duties for the Production of Tecumseh! include partnering with the Director of Finance and Personnel on Human Resources, recruiting a house operations staff, drafting and managing employee contracts, partnering with the Artistic Director on casting and production, working directly with all department heads and the Production Stage Manager, and serving as the general point person for all things related to the production of Tecumseh!
Facilities management responsibilities include working with the Producer/CEO on overseeing capital improvement projects, developing and supervising a maintenance schedule, managing supply orders and dealing directly with vendors, overseeing grounds work, and coordinating winterization and de-winterization efforts on the property.

B. Organizational Relationships

1. Framework of operation.

The Associate Producer reports to the CEO.

2. Individuals reporting to the Associate Producer:

a. ALL individuals who work on house staff, and all production personnel.

C. Specific Responsibilities

1. Theater Operations
a. Organize operations for fundraising events
b. Supervise and assist all departments
c. Manage Ushering Program
d. Manage Hospitality Program for Groups
e. Work directly with Salesperson on House bank and inventory
f. Manage and approve purchase ordering for house and facilities
g. Communicate policy and procedure to staff and patrons
h. Manage safety and monitor hazard preparation
i. Work with OHC on museum and artifact presentation
j. Deal with patron issues, forward main office information

2. Production

a. Assist Producer/CEO and Director of Finance in setting budgets
b. Assist Producer/CEO and Board of Trustees in generating and articulating policy
c. Partner w/ Director of Finance and Personnel on Human Resources for Tecumseh!
d. Recruit and hire house staff
e. Assist with BWC case files
f. Issue all employee contracts
g. Research and implement safety procedures
h. Manage disciplinary action
i. Partner w/ Artistic Director and CEO on Casting and Production for Tecumseh!
j. Recruit and hire acting company and technicians
k. Work directly with all department heads and PSM
l. Assist in housing assignments and backstage housekeeping
m. Manage departmental spending and budgets
n. Communicate policy and procedure to all cast and crew
o. Work w/ Head Pyro on black powder storage and compliance, ATF licensing required.

3. Facilities Management
a. Work w/ CEO on overseeing capital improvement projects
b. Develop and supervise maintenance schedule
c. Manage supply orders and deal directly with vendors
d. Inspect and maintain electrical, plumbing, structural elements of facility
e. Oversee grounds work
f. Coordinate winterization and de-winterization efforts

D. Authority

The Associate Producer is authorized to take any responsible action necessary to carry out the responsibilities delegated to the position so long as such action does not deviate from established policies and practices of the Company as defined herein, or with the TECUMSEH! Company Policy Manual, or conflict with sound business judgment. Decisions on personnel and disciplinary action must be coordinated with the CEO.

E. Miscellaneous

The Associate Producer may be asked from time to time to perform duties directly associated with aspects in carrying out the above position description. Any duties directly associated, which arise, and not specifically covered above are not meant to be burdensome, but in accordance with normal tasks expected from a position of this nature.

This is an entry level administration position at a small, well respected and established production company.

We encourage applicants from Indigenous and other traditionally marginalized backgrounds to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer.

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