The Wintergreen Arts Administration Fellowship is suited to the graduate or undergraduate student interested in pursuing a career on the business side of the classical music industry. It provides students with hands-on opportunities and training in operations, marketing, development, patron communications, and personnel management.The Arts Administration Fellowship Program focuses on three areas: 1) Leadership Fellows (Fellows in this area already have some experience in the field and will focus on deepening their knowledge of and honing their leadership skills in Production Management, Educational Program Management, or Patron Experience Management), 2) Exploration Fellows (Fellows in this area may have some experience in arts administration but are interested in exploring all aspects under the umbrella. These students will be rotated through Production Management, Educational Program Management, Patron Experience Management, Festival Operations Management), and 3) Recording/Technology Fellow (Fellows in this area are focused on the technical execution of a production, with focus on audio recording and sound reinforcement. Experience will additionally be gained in other areas of technical production including concert lighting and stage management.).

Each Arts Administration Fellow will receive full tuition, a room and board scholarship, and a travel stipend.

About Wintergreen Performing Arts

Located in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Wintergreen Performing Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that produces a high-quality summer music festival featuring symphonic and chamber concerts, as well as other performing arts programs throughout the year. Education is a major part of its mission, reflected both in the Wintergreen Summer Music Academy and in outreach programs for those living in the surrounding area.